For quick starters

All what we know about Tengri 137 is here for the quick starters!

Opening image:

Twitter account: @666ab731

PGP-Key-ID: 0x666ab731 (Special information about the PGP-Key-ID of "Tengri 137")

Translations help:

First part images (10 pages):

The Answer of first part and the message: After you mail the right answer (Fine-structure constant, 1515009125) to the "Onion" mail address (tengri137@sigaintevyh2rzvw.onion) you get a mail like this ->

Second part images (13 pages):

First part translation (not 100% ok but good):

Second part translation: not complete yet!

New translation (not complete yet): translation of all pages

We think it's not only a cheap copy of cicadas riddle. The knowledge behind this riddle is incredible. The story is extraordinary (and extraterrestrially) and the proofs of the creators are genuine!

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